We will find business partners from all over the world and help you build a partnership.

We will propose various and accurate business centering on information business.

We focus on our business areas widely in Cloud, AI, IoT, VR, and ML/DL technologies

Bridge Japan Globally with Cutting-edge Technology!

Our mission is to help clients scale their technologies, products and solutions into new markets and business segments.

Global Offices and Business Network

Pacific Highway Group has its registered companies in Japan, Hong Kong and U.K.
Our global business partners are professional consultants, accountants, entrepreneurs, and business directors with rich experience in high-tech, communications and Internet technologies as well as mobile, cloud, big data and SaaS and offer the first class solutions and services for our clients.
Our trusted superior services, with wide range of expertise and results, to satisfy client needs and expectations.

Supports cutting-edge technologies from cloud systems to AI

Actively developing business globally in the fields of information and communications, broadcasting, advanced technology and lifestyle. As a result, we are connecting countries and companies all over the world and working hard to realize a prosperous society.
In the age of digital cloud, we also provide consulting services that connect the world’s leading technology and Japanese customers, and high quality Japanese products and global market customers.
If you are considering a business with overseas, please contact Pacific Highway first.